Angels X Sinners Story Book Lip Gloss & Liquid Lip Stick - 16pcs


Angels X Sinners Story Book Lip Gloss & Liquid Lip Stick includes:

ANGELS : Sinfully Angelic Diamond Lipgloss
14801 Afriel
14802 Angelique
14803 Erela
14804 Seraphina
14807 Gleam
14808 Divinity
14809 Ambriel
14810 Haziel

SINNERS : Wickedly Divine Liquid Lipstick
14901 Kiss of Death
14902 Fallen Angel
14903 Mortiferous
14904 Brides Revenge
14905 Evil Darling
14906 Vampire's Fang
14907 Dragon's Blood
14908 Black of Night


-New Colors! New Formulas! New Packaging!

-ANGELS conquer the fight against evil with our Sinfully Angelic lip glosses! a Unique formula that delivers high shine without that icky sticky feel.

-While equipped with our Sinfully Angelic lip glosses your inner beauty and purity will AWAKEN giving you a holy glow that rivals the angels.

SINNERS: Our Wickedly Divine lippie is so light and comfortable, you will not notice that your immersion into the darkness has already begun.

-The Wickedly Divine collection is one that all of the Fallen will want in their arsenal against the Angels.
-Water resistance up to 4 hours.

How To Use:
-Angels, apply to the center of the top and bottom lips for a sophisticated, light-reflecting effect to make lips appear fuller.
-Sinners, begin by outlining lips with the point of our custom heart shaped wand. Fill in as desired.

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