Lip Therapy Sugar Lip Scrub + Hyaluronic Lip Filler Duo Lips Treatment

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Combination of Smooth Sugar Peeling and Revolutionary Hyaluronic Filling Cream.


-meaningfully filled in
-with a larger volume
-ideally shaped
-visible effect
-Eveline Lip Therapy Professional is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure to enlarge the pier.

The non-invasive, two-step, cleansing and peeling cosmetic product with a visible effect is based on a combination of smoothing sugar peeling and a revolutionary hyaluronic piercer.

The set contains:

1. Sugar peeling - rich in nourishing vegetable oils, gently exfoliates, smoothes and regenerates the skin, stimulates microcirculation and prepares serum for application of serum, facilitates the penetration of active ingredients into the skin. 1 min. peeling pier, after which the lips will be ready for the next part of the procedure, their blood circulation will be improved and the beautiful, juicy color will return.
2. Hyaluronium filling agent- extends and at the same time fills up the intercellular spaces of the skin of the pier, strengthens their fine structure, intensively moisturizes the skin and shapes the lips. Just 5 minutes after application, the lips are greatly enlarged and their shape is highlighted. Serum is rapidly absorbed, penetrates into intercellular spaces and visibly increases the volume of the pier, emphasizing their natural color. The magnification effect takes up to 12 hours.

How to use::

Step 1 - Apply a small amount of peeling on the lips and gently massage with your finger or a soft toothbrush. Wash excess water or wipe with a wet bag.

Step 2 - Apply a small amount of serum to your lips after peeling. Rub. Use serum several times a day. After soaking, you can use lipstick or lip gloss.

Effect: After 5 minutes visibly increased volume of the pier, after 3 applications perfectly smooth, full lips with a distinctive contour.

A slight feeling of tingling and cooling is caused by the action of active ingredients.
Do not use outside the contours of the pier. In case of allergic reactions or irritation, discontinue use.

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