Ramosu 28 Days Magic Clear Skin Care Ampoule - 10ml

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Ramosu 28 Days Magic Clear Skin Care Ampoule - 10ml Many women dream of purchasing a miracle remedy that can again make their face young and radiant, even if the first wrinkles and signs of aging have already appeared on it. It is for these purposes that the famous brand Ramosu has developed anti-aging restoring serum with vitamin C - Ramosu 28 Days Magic Clear Ampoule. The formula of this product stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin in cells, preventing the appearance of new wrinkles, effectively brightens pigmentation, smooths the relief and tone of the skin and of course smoothes both fine and deep wrinkles. Vitamin C in the form of powder, located in the upper part of the ampoule, is a powerful natural antioxidant. It excellently whitens and has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect. After 7-10 days you will already notice the tremendous effect of the serum. How to use : remove the protective film, press on the white button and shake thoroughly, so that the powder is mixed with the liquid. Apply a few drops of whey to the previously cleansed skin with patting movements of the pads of the fingers. Wait for complete absorption and continue regular daily care. Serum can be used alone or in combination with a moisturizer or face mask.
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