RAU Cosmetics - Skin Care Set - 2 Pieces


This Set Contains:

RAU Argan and Ghasoul Mask:25gm for 100Ml

Protects, nourishes, cleans and rejuvenates the skin.

With clove oil, black pepper, geranium oil, Argan, Cymbopogon Martini oil and Ghassoul Clay
The highly absorbent of dirt and grease particles cleans the skin without changing your Acid protective layer.
Without mineral oils, or silicone oils

Paraben and pegments free

Made in Germany

RAU Silver Facial Wash Gel - 50Ml

It has antimicrobiotic effect due to Micro Silver bg and ribwort, at the same time it is moisturizing and soothing.

it provides a gentle cleansing of your skin and therefore it is ideal for problem or sensitive skin.

not only can you reach the reduction of pimples and impurities but have an improvement of your skin appearance

Made in Germany

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Brand RAU Cosmetics
SKU 199930
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