Perfect Skin Ritual Skin Care Set - 5 Pcs


The skin renewal set contains:
1- Evenness Booster 2% Alpha Arbutin - 20ml
2- Special Edition Al Perfect Skin & Essence Masks - 4 Pcs
3- Daytime Brightening Power Emulsion - 50ml
4- Free Facial Brightening Essence - 150ml
5- Cell Shock Age Intelligence Eye Pads – 60 Pads
6- Fashion Vanity Case

1: Evenness Booster 2% Alpha Arbutin - 20ml:
-Lightens existing spots and prevents their reappearance.
-Evens out the skin tone.
-Paraben-free, allergen-free, without phenoxyethanol, parfum-free, colour-free, vegan, cruelty-free

How To Use:
-It can be applied am and/or pm as needed, mixed in the palm of the hand with the Recovery Serum to maximize results, or directly in your usual cream for a boost.
-2-3 drops are enough, more can be used if needed.

2: Special Edition Al Perfect Skin&Essence Masks - 4 Pcs

3: Daytime Brightening Power Emulsion - 50ml
-Fights pigmentation disorders that lead to an uneven complexion
-Decreases skin inflammation induced by all forms of oxidation and urban stress for a stronger, healthier, resilient skin appearance
-Provides instant glow and smart optical correction for immediate flawless skin
How To Use:
-It is applied in the morning
-Avoid the immediate eye area.

4.Free Facial Brightening Essence - 150ml:
-Visibly brightens and freshens the skin.
-Encourages optimal exfoliation and skin renewal.
-Intensive antioxidant boosting elements help counteract pigmentation darkening.
-Enhances make-up and instantly reduces signs of fatigue
How To Use:
-Pour a few drops into the palms of the hands and smooth over face and neck avoiding the eye area. -Allow to rest for a few seconds so the essence can sink-in

5- Cell Shock Age Intelligence Eye Pads – 60 Pads:
1 month youth treatment.

6:Fashion Vanity Case

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